Functional and Integration Testing

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eServe Consulting analyses how your website, software, hardware or internal application executes its obligatory functions and is also crucial for authenticating the software’s quality.  Our focus is to examine each and every component including data manipulation, integration, user commands, searches, business processes, user screens for smooth functioning of the business and accurate performance.

The testing conducted at eServe evaluates the behavior of the products based on their features, through the use of extensive series of regular and erroneous data input. We also analyze the network, security, installation, user interface, APIs and database of a product.


  • Unfolds a lot of imperfections which are usually not easily detectable
  • Topmost priority is given to examine the applicability of the application instead of intricacies of the internal roles of the application.
  • Avoids inefficiency and frustrating experience on the part of the user.
  • Minimal user acceptance issues